Dewberry Kids was founded to create premium and sustainable products for kids. Our first collection of organic cotton bedding bundles are the perfect blend of kid-friendly appeal and parent-approved design.

Kids bedrooms are their domain, their own private space, their "home" within the house. It's where they retreat to reset, hang with friends, do homework, practice music, host sleepovers. Within this space, the bed is the undisputed center piece,  the focal point of design and a versatile spot for various activities. 

As adults, we now have access to great quality direct to consumer bedding, which we know is essential for a restful night. As moms, we struggled to find similar high quality products designed specifically for children. Turns out, many parents we asked, felt the same way.

So we built Dewberry with a specific product in mind: bedding that is designed for children and with parents in mind: buttery soft and sturdy, made of GOTS certified organic cotton, with premium natural buttons.  We then bundled it in beautifully patterned, pre-matched super-cool sets, for an easy shopping experience.

And one more thing: we are parents too, so we do our best to offer our bundles at accessible prices. But don't just take our word for it - do a quick research, and you'll see how our bundles compare to other bedding products on the market. 

Thrilled to have you on board!

-Angelina and Viktoria (Dewberry Founders)