For machine washing, use warm water.

Instead of chlorine bleach, opt for non-chlorine alternatives.

When drying, tumble dry on low heat. An alternative approach is to begin drying in a machine and complete the process by using a drying rack. This method helps to preserve the quality of your fabrics and maintain their vibrant colors for longer periods.

Refrain from using fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and harsh detergents.
Avoid washing clothes with items that have zippers, hooks, or other abrasive elements.


A Special Care Note on Cosmic Triangle Set

Due to the natural dyes and dying techniques used, each duvet in Cosmic Triangles Set has a unique vintage look. When washing, you may wash the set (the dark duvet and the light sheet and pillowcase) in the same load as our multiple wash tests have indicated that there is no color leakage during washing.